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From entry-level to executives

Transpire Trainings provides interactive, dynamic, up-to-date transgender competency and LGBTQ trainings for entire teams — from entry-level to executives. Backed by both intimate and academic knowledge of the many health and mental health disparities facing queer and transgender people, we are committed to making this education and information available to as many as we can.

Transpire’s unique process for developing and delivering the most impactful trainings for your team’s size and space includes:


  • Inquiry and Planning
  • Training and Curriculum development
  • Implementation and Delivery, and
  • Feedback and Follow-up
Reach out to us today to Hire Transpire (yes, we know that rhymes, and we like it), and we will work out the pricing and details together.

Just the Basics

"The 'T' Isn't Silent" is a foundational, two-hour training designed to introduce trans and LGBQ identities to those seeking to be supporters/allies to these communities.

Advanced Trainings are also offered.

Mental Health

In this two-hour workshop for mental health professionals, we begin by introducing, defining, and discussing core concepts and shared language.

Educational Settings

These trainings focus on meeting the unique needs of LGBTQ youth/students, and includes core concepts and establishing of shared language, examining risk and protective factors, and a discussion of both the needs and challenges of LGBTQ students (K-12 or college).


This dynamic healthcare workshop can be presented at an introductory or advanced level, but is recommended as a two-part training.

Human Resources

Transpire offers various two-hour trainings that address the complexities of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation in the workplace.


Transpire offers a number of trainings designed specifically for homelesness and youth homelessness Continuum of Care (CoC) providers.

Let's Work Together!

Transpire Trainings & Consulting provides dynamic LGBTQ competency trainings, impactful speaking engagements, and collaborative consulting opportunities.



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