Educational Settings

Transpire provides interactive, dynamic, up-to-date transgender and LGBTQ competency trainings, speaking engagements, and collaborative consulting for corporations, small businesses, and community-based organizations. We are glad to train/speak almost anywhere, and our work can be tailored to suit the needs of the team, environment, profession, or event.
We believe that education and messaging around gender diversity and sexual orientation is the most lasting and impactful when delivered by those who understand these topics best — trans, non-binary, and queer people (in other words, us).

Educational Settings

These trainings focus on meeting the unique needs of LGBTQ youth/students, and includes core concepts and establishing of shared language, examining risk and protective factors, and a discussion of both the needs and challenges of LGBTQ students (K-12 or college).

Depending on setting/requests, other topics may include institutional violence, parenting, foster care, confidentiality, health/mental health, and best practices in being effective, compassionate, and appropriate when serving queer and trans youth and young adults in educational institutions (including higher education settings). The workshop closes with strategies for enhancing both classroom and campus-wide competency and resources, and can be tailored for educators or adminstration.

Advanced Trainings

Advanced trainings are highly impactful, two-hour application/practice trainings designed for those who interface directly with trans/non-binary and LGBQ community members. It is highly recommended that an application training take place subsequent to a foundational training (or shortly therafter), as it allows for practicing concepts in a safe and supportive space. The entire training may be customized to serve the audience/industry.

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Transpire Trainings & Consulting provides dynamic LGBTQ competency trainings, impactful speaking engagements, and collaborative consulting opportunities.


Americans identify as transgender.



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