Vision & History

Transpire Trainings & Consulting, LLC is committed to transforming spaces and inspiring action through dynamic trainings, speaking engagements, and ongoing, meaningful collaboration.

Our Vision:

 In partnership with our clients, we are on a mission to co-create affirming and inclusive communities — one team, group, organization, and business at a time.

How We Came About:

With transgender and non-binary people dying by anti-trans violence and suicide at alarming and increasing rates, with up to almost half of our nation’s homeless youth identifying as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning), and with HIV/AIDS continuing to have devastating impacts on queer and trans people, Transpire Trainings was born out of a clear and pressing need for increased, widespread, engaging and up-to-date education on the topics of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation.


Having spent more than a decade navigating the world as a trans-identified person, and over half a decade as a social worker, Transpire’s founder, LJ, noticed massive gaps in people’s understanding of these topics, particularly with regard to gender diversity. Even when people demonstrate some working knowledge of gender, or have been to an introductory training, much of the information they know or have received is antiquated at best, and inaccurate or harmful at worst.


A lack of access to education around trans and non-binary communities, especially in social services, medical settings, and educational institutions, results in countless trans homicides and suicides on our planet each year — especially when we fail to examine and understand the intersections of these identities with other oppressed identities.

That’s what got us here.

Strongly rooted in best practices, and driven by the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Transpire Trainings & Consulting is the product of many years of combined lived and professional experience.

Let's Work Together!

Transpire Trainings & Consulting provides dynamic LGBTQ competency trainings, impactful speaking engagements, and collaborative consulting opportunities.



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